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Saddle Stitch Book Binding

Saddle Stitch Book Binding

Saddle Stitch Binding use for those books which have small number of pages. After printing once page organinzed, they are stacked and loaded onto conveyor, where using metal staples all pages stitched together. Usually Saddle Stitch Binding done with book cover, but Saddle Stitch Binding can also be done withour book cover.

Saddle Stitch Binding

Why Saddle Stitch Binding?

This Saddle Stitch Binding used for fewer pages in book. Generally there are no fixed book size for Siddle Stitch Binding but usually authors prefer Saddle Stitch Binding for 5x8 inches book because its small size and easy to carry in hand, lightin weight and the most important thing is. Low Printing Cost.

Other Binding

There are three other types of book binding which gererlly used by authors. Its very usefull for digital printing.

Less Pages

Saddle Stitch Binding


Case Bindings


Perfect Binding